Thoughts on Creativity and Home Improvement Projects During COVID-19

home improvement

Why is it so difficult for many of us to prioritize creative pursuits? Is it easier to wallow through the unending “must-do” and “should-do” lists of our lives than to carve out a week, a day, even an hour of time to “play” and focus on the creative ideas that fulfill and propel us forward? … Read more

Paula Cole at Shalin Liu and Rockport Two

shalin liu performance center lockport ma

Last year’s trip to Rockport inspired me to visit again. I was able to pop into more shops, experience more of the town, spend time on the beach and put my feet in the water…and see Rockport native Paula Cole perform at the Shalin Liu Performance Center. I have long wanted to catch a performance … Read more

The War and Treaty

the war and treaty

The War and Treaty: A New Gem Music can stir the soul and the imagination like nothing else. Immersing yourself in a three-day music festival—I’m looking at you, Newport—may not be the best way to get the most out of a conscious choice for a singular musical experience, especially on ridiculously hot, humid weekend. So … Read more