A Bunny Hop Holiday

This was not quite a home improvement project. Yet, it was a chance to be creative and to make the homestead more cheery. To celebrate Easter-time during COVID-19, our town held a Bunny Hop, a creative way to make the holiday better while allowing people to socially distance, or as I like to think of it, physically distance.

Bunny Hop

bunny hop bunniesThe recreation center asked people to hide bunnies in their windows and register their houses online so that families could drive around with their children and look for the bunnies. Homeowners were encouraged to add creative touches to the windows, house, and driveways.

I was a late-comer to the game. I committed to do it the day before the event. I planned to put bunnies in a window but had not really thought it through. My partner and I gave ourselves two hours the morning of the bunny hop to grab what we had on hand and make our presentation a bit more special. We drew a message, “Hoppy Easter,” in the driveway with some sidewalk chalk we found in the basement. We used long neglected craft paper that I happened to have on hand in my office to create carrots, eggs, grass, and a giant flower. We finished with minutes to spare.

Photo and Video Play

Then I took some time to snap a few pictures with my phone, and played around with my Cinamatic app to take a few videos to share with friends. While we did not have many visitors, it was a short, joyful creative practice that made us feel good, and hopefully brought some cheer to the mailman, the FedEx driver and the few families who drove by.

bunny hop flowerIt felt like a win to tie this in with photography and videography as well. In fact, it was so much fun to pull out the scissors, glue, and tape to make templates, cut shapes, and create a setting, that I will likely put some energy into marking upcoming holidays with a creative project.


Think of a scene, place, or event that brings you joy. Do you have paper of various colors and textures on hand? Maybe some old magazines lying around that you can cut up? Get your scissors and glue stick out and create that image you have in your head.


It’s been around for awhile, but I love my Cinamatic app for iPhone. It’s such an easy way to record short clips that make short, fun videos. You can choose from a set of video filters that provide random effects, shoot 3 to 60 second films, post directly to social media, shoot in square or 16:9 format, and more.

There are so many other apps on the market. Check them out and experiment!


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