The War and Treaty

the war and treaty

The War and Treaty: A New Gem Music can stir the soul and the imagination like nothing else. Immersing yourself in a three-day music festival—I’m looking at you, Newport—may not be the best way to get the most out of a conscious choice for a singular musical experience, especially on ridiculously hot, humid weekend. So … Read more

Into the River

french broad river hot springs north carolina

Into the River to Rejuvenate During the dog days of July, I attended the four-day Wild Goose Festival at the Hot Springs Campground in Hot Springs, NC with Mary Ann, Tim, and Bill. After a day spent walking in the heat from session to session, and sweating while I listened to thought leaders and attendees, it seemed … Read more

Nantasket Beach Time Travel

nantasket beach through block glass

Beaching it on a Tuesday in June. Intent on having an “Artists Date”, I drove to Nantasket Beach and snagged one of the last free spots on Nantasket Avenue near “the last bathhouse” on the beach. I used to sit in this area with my parents during my childhood and my teens. It used to be somewhat … Read more